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True Blue Bridal :: Who Pays???
Who Pays???

 Wedding Expenses & Sharing the Cost

Any good wedding budget begins with a discussion of what parts of the wedding day are important to the bride and groom and what is of lesser importance.  Once you have determined the "must haves" they become the guide for where your money will be targeted.  As the money dwindles, the "not so important" items can be trimmed back or cut altogether.  If there are more "must haves" than your budget allows, you will have to get creative.  See "50 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding."

Each couple, and their family situation's are unique making dividing the cost of the wedding different for every couple.  However, traditionally the bulk of the cost of the wedding is divided between the brides father and the bridegroom. 

Brides Father pays for:

The Groom pays for:

  • Bridal bouquet, corsages for mother and grandmothers, bridesmaid and flower girl bouquets
  • Officiant, organist, soloist  (any one involved in the actual ceremony)
  • Vehicle for transport to the reception
  •  Tuxedo or suit to wear
  • Wedding and engagement rings for bride
  • Honeymoon
  • Gift for bride
  • Liquor at the reception (if served)

The Bride pays for:

The Bridegroom's Parents pay for:

  • Their hotel accomodations if necessary
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Any other dinners or gathering activities prior to the wedding such as grooms golf tournament, or other entertainment. 
  •  Sometimes  grandparents will host a wedding day brunch! 
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