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True Blue Bridal :: Tips on Music
Tips on Music

The music you choose for your wedding helps set the tone and atmosphere for your day.

Because you want your special wedding day to be enjoyed by everyone from grandparents to children, careful thought and planning needs to go in to the selection of your band or DJ.

Saturday evenings are prime time for entertainers, so booking your band and DJ should be done anywhere from 9-18 months in advance.

When choosing your entertainment you should strive for versatility of musical genre. If you are having a themed wedding, which is becoming very popular with today's couples, choosing music that adds to the theme is a great idea!

Some examples might be:

For a medieval or renaissance wedding contact a local university about their chamber music groups that can perform in costume using the instruments and music of the time.

For a tropical or beach themed wedding a steel drum band adds just the right touch!

Cultural weddings such as Irish, Latino, or African have their own musical style that can be incorporated into your ceremony and reception music.

A swing band can give your wedding a 40's feel. Early rock for the 50's & 60's. Disco for the 70's & 80's. Young and old will enjoy an evening of a particular era in music!

When choosing a DJ, make sure they are able to provide music that fits your tastes and desires. If you have songs you want included in the evening, list those for them. If you have a "don't play" list, make sure that is understood.

You should not leave volume up to the DJ. Volume that overwhelms your guests will cause them to leave early!

Make sure you enjoy the personality of your DJ. They will have the microphone and can enhance or ruin your reception as they express their personality.

Make sure the DJ will dress appropriately for the wedding.

Ask for references and call them to get their impressions. When drawing up the contract with your entertainment, make sure the duration, price, set up and take down times, music choices and preferences, location, dress code, volume, and all other details are spelled out in the contract.

Time spent carefully planning the music and entertainment for your wedding will be rewarded with guests who remember fondly your special day!

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