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1. Personalized Bridal Gown Ribbon Insert
2. Personalized Bridal Bouquet Insert

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Custom Wedding Ribbons


In ancient Israel, brides wore blue ribbons on the border of their wedding clothes to symbolize purity, devotion, and faithfulness. 
Later, Christian brides continued this tradition. 
Over time the custom evolved from wearing blue clothing to wearing a blue band around the bottom of the bride’s dress. Today brides often wear a blue or blue trimmed garter to honor the Victorian “...something blue” tradition. To recall and honor the ancient expression of purity, devotion, and faithfulness, True Blue Bridal offers custom-made blue ribbons to personalize your bridal gown or wedding bouquet. 
We also offer wedding favor ribbon to beautifully decorate your wedding favors. 

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Personalized Bridal Bouquet Insert
Personalized Bridal Bouquet Insert
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Our price: $25.00
Personalized Bridal Gown Ribbon Insert
Personalized Bridal Gown Ribbon Insert
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Our price: $18.00
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